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        Honda was established by Soichiro Honda in 1948 to produce motorcycles and scooters. Eight years after its establishment, the company began to produce cars, primarily for the Japanese market. After another two years, Honda found its way in the U.S. market with its small cars that are only popular in Japan. Through the years, the company strives to develop leading-edge technologies. Not until 1972, Honda began to gain popularity with the U.S. consumers with the introduction of the Civic. The Civic's CVCC engine was the first engine to pass Low-Emissions Vehicle standards without a catalytic converter during the energy crisis and it won the 1973 Car of the Year Award sponsored by the Motor Fan magazine, and it has also passed the EPA. With the introduction of the Accord in 1976, Honda further solidified its position as a top producer of reliable fuel-efficient vehicles that didn't sacrifice fun for functionality.
        Genuine OEM Honda parts will maximize your vehicle's performance. Find the exact parts for your Honda from our online catalog.
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